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An analysis of Standard Bank and its loan offers


Money offers are products that are sure to get noticed, regardless of where and by whom they are offered. This is no different with STANDARD BANK, one of South Africa’s largest financial institutions, recognized for its offers in the economic sector, including personal loan opportunities.

So, in today’s article you can find out a little more about it, in general, how to apply for it and what is required in the process. See more.

An analysis of Standard Bank and its loan offers
Standard Bank Source: Ango Emprego

An overview of Standard Bank

Before getting to know an institution’s offers, it is always necessary to get to know it in general, including its reliability. STANDARD BANK is a financial institution that operates mainly in South Africa. It was founded in mid-1862 in England and its main objective at the time was to finance trade relations between European territories and Africa. Today its services have expanded considerably, with a presence in Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzia and many other countries. Its financial services are very varied, serving both individuals and companies of all sizes.


It’s also worth mentioning their good investment in technology, improving their services and expanding their offerings even further. When it comes to its reliability, STANDARD BANK can YES be considered a reliable financial company in South Africa. In addition to this acquired reliability, it is also known for its expanded and super-easy access for all its customers, as well as its great investment in service. So you can be sure that it really is a great partner for your finances.

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What do I need to apply for a Standard Bank personal loan?

Has the institution of STANDARD BANK caught your eye and you’re in a situation where you need a loan opportunity? Well, first of all you need to understand what you need to apply:

  • You need a valid South African identity document;
  • Current proof of residence (within 3 months);
  • 1 month’s payslip;
  • Current bank statements for the last 3 months;
  • You must be at least 18 years old and eligible to receive it (you’ll find out more about this in a moment).

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How to apply

Applying for your loan is very simple and there’s no secret, and you can go through the whole process online comfortably. So check out the general step-by-step below:

  • First, download and access the STANDARD BANK application;
  • Next, choose which personal loan you would like to apply for, assessing your needs;
  • Finally, follow all the steps below.

Your application is complete! See? It’s super simple. However, at the time you need to be aware of the amount you will be borrowing.

Click here to download the Standard Bank app from the Play Store – Android ➜

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What is assessed at the time of approval

When a STANDARD BANK loan is applied for, it goes through an individual assessment process in order to give the applicant a positive or negative response. A number of points are assessed at the time:

  • Firstly, your credit score is assessed, i.e. whether you have any debts and how much they are, as well as your past payment history, such as how you have dealt with your defaults;
  • It also looks at how much you earn, as this will determine how much you can borrow in order to be able to make the repayments.

It’s also worth noting that the interest rate is 24.5%, however, if you have a good score you may be able to access lower rates. Ultimately, everything will depend on the amount you have borrowed, be it the interest or the terms. This caution is linked to a necessary concern given to each loan opportunity and the seriousness of these offers, so never apply without first planning your budget so as not to compromise your financial health too much or consult other ways of obtaining the money that are less compromising, such as a relative or a trusted friend who has the necessary conditions, but if this is not possible, continue to believe that STANDARD BANK is a responsible institution.

In addition, if you have any questions or need further guidance, you can also contact the institution.

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