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A complete analysis of Sofi’s personal loan opportunity


To start the conversation, SOFI is a specialized financial institution operating in the United States of America. Its opportunities and offerings are very extensive, including various loan options, among them personal loans. Over the years, this company has become widely recognized for the technological and innovative experiences they bring to their services.

Therefore, check out a complete analysis now on the much-talked-about personal loans from the company, their advantages and disadvantages, and MUCH MORE.

A complete analysis of Sofi’s personal loan opportunity
Personal loan from Sofi Source: Panrotas

What are the advantages of hiring Sofi’s personal loan?

Initially, before hiring any loan it is always important to check the characteristics of it, in order to know what benefits will bring you and whether it can, in fact, meet your need. Well, regarding the offers of SOFI is no different. Through them we can see the following advantages for those who hire them (again clarifying that the reference is PERSONAL):


  • Possibility of joint loan, that is, putting someone in the stake, with an income higher than yours so that you increase your chances of a more affordable interest rate. However, for these cases the request may take about 10 days to get a response;
  • Through them you may also be entitled to various discounts by also reducing fees;
  • Protection for cases of unemployment. If during the payment of the amount you hired you end up losing your job, calm down, because SOFI will put you in tolerance and adjust the issue of your payments so that you do not end up going through hassles. However, during this period interest will accrue if you do not pay interest only for now;
  • Possibility of financial and career advice. If you are looking for a job opportunity, career transitions, among other opportunities, you may receive free professional advice as well as other beneficial services;
  • You can manage your loan comfortably and remotely through a SOFI mobile app. There many tools will be available, from fees, monitoring the credit score among others. If you are interested, do not wait any longer and download now!

Click here to download the Sofi app from the Play Store – Android ➜

Click here to download the Sofi app for Apple – iOS ➜

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On the contrary, see now the disadvantages of hiring a personal loan from Sofi and evaluate

This part may seem very interesting to you and can also tell you a lot about the quality of SOFI’s offers if you evaluate what are the only disadvantages of hiring one of your personal loans. These disadvantages, very briefly, are:

  • The minimum amount of hiring the resource that can be somewhat high for many people whose expenses are not that high. This is $5,000, which will be great for some and for others not so much;
  • The options are NO collateral, this means that there is no possibility to achieve a lower annual fee, as a COM collateral opportunity offers, not even the chance of a higher loan amount.

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Check now if you fit the requirements to apply for yours and be approved

The advantages part already passed, HOWEVER, another positive point of SOFI visible here is that unlike many institutions she does not evaluate her credit or income scores to be qualified, however, it addresses other issues as a requirement and it is important to be aware of:

  • First, you must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Be an American citizen, or only resident in the United States;
  • Be employed during the period of employment;

Meeting the requirements, now it’s time to get organized to apply for your loan. It is important to be aware that loan opportunities should be requested in emergency situations and not in any situation. In addition, if you can access this feature with a trusted close person, this may also be preferred. Make a complete payment plan in order not to harm your budget and finally gather all your documents necessary for request… Identity, proof of income, address and also your Social Security number.

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Finally, here’s how to apply

Now that you have seen the advantages, disadvantages and requirements, you should probably already have clearer what you really want. So, if your answer is positive for SOFI’s personal loan, then see if SOFI’s response will also be positive for you:

  • First make sure you are pre-approved on the SOFI website. There will be required some personal information and your loan objectives. This is the first step in your application process;
  • Now analyze the loan offers that will be available to you and choose the one that best suits your need and reality. Other documents may be required on that occasion;
  • From then on you will enter the company evaluation process and soon receive a response.

Click here and visit the Sofi website to apply for your personal loan ➜

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